KEEPS 98.3 FM is one of the leading Radio stations operating in Kathmandu Valley (KTM, Nepal). The station is operated by KEEPS MEDIA CONSULT (P) LTD which is situated in Kuleshwor-14, Parikrama Marga-81(with coverage area including Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur and nearby districts; Worldwide coverage via official website

Besides entertainment, this radio station has been running many research based program such as exploring history, science and technology, sports, creating awareness by role plays and their utilization in building society.

It has positioned itself as a Radio companion that keeps listener COOL, ALIVE & ENTERTAINED.

This station is centrally located at Kuleshwor height, Kathmandu and it is highly technically suitable place for the line of sight which is the core requirement for better coverage of FM waves. So, its coverage areas are excellent.

We are glad to inform you that KEEPS FM 98.3 MHz is the generation next media that targets gen- next i.e. YOUTH. As you know, today's Young generation is very smart and have very good taste and very choosy when it comes to entertainment medium.


We, as a youth focused radio station, are trying very hard to maintain pace with changing youth taste and priorities in terms of ideas, views and music we play. We always try to bring out New and fresh ideas to get attention and interest of dynamic youth.




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